The game of Baseball was introduced in Kenya by the US marines in 1970 in Bahati estate in Nairobi. The Federation was founded in 1997 when Kenya Baseball and Softball Association (KEBSA) was formed. However, Baseball Federation of Kenya (BFK) was registered with the Registrar of Societies in the year 2002 as a non-governmental organization. Currently Baseball Federation of Kenya is registered as a National Sports organization under section 47 of the sports Act of 2013. The core activities of the Federation is to spread the game of baseball to Kenyans right from the primary schools up to institutions of higher learning. We pride in training both boys and girls in baseball at all levels.
Besides a number of persistent challenges, we take pride in our presence in 5 out of 8 regions/ former provinces of Kenya. Locally, The BFK is affiliated to Kenya National sports council (KNSC), National Olympics Committee of Kenya (NOCK), and at continental level BFK is affiliated to Africa Baseball and Softball Association (ABSA), and internationally BFK is a member of the World Baseball and Softball Confederation (WBSC).

Kenya Baseball Federation has been assisting institutions and communities to spread the game nationwide and securing basic equipment, and training of coaches, officials and leaders as well as organizing competitions at local, national and regional levels to enhance friendship and peace. Kenya is now working towards the merger of the two Federations i.e. Baseball Federation of Kenya (BFK) and Softball Federation of Kenya (SFK).
Over the years Baseball Federation of Kenya has organized events at national and regional levels. We mostly rely on friends from countries that play baseball to train coaches for the Kenyan community. We have currently introduced baseball5 in Kenya and soon we shall spread it to schools and communities across the country. Our resilience to spread baseball is on high gear in the midst of many challenges. We hope to enable the Kenyan child choose from a pool of sports available so that they wouldn’t have to travel Asia, Americas or Europe to learn baseball but on the contrary play locally, and compete internationally.

We intend to use baseball as a tool to galvanise and unite local communities around common interest of friendship and peace. To develop players and instructors of integrity, with great value for ethics and teamwork while having fun and joy in their sports career. To Create role models among young people through participating in organized team sports, and finally to equip our coaches to participate in local, regional and international competitions.

The Baseball National Team is ranked No 62 in the world, and 5th in Africa. Kenya is placed in Zone East alongside Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Eretria, Somali, Djibouti, Rwanda and Burundi. Kenya has very few baseball fields, the main ones being in Meru University of Science and Technology, and Lenana School, Nairobi. We look forward to partnering with the county governments to establish ball parks to enable children to play baseball undistracted and in set apart ball parks. We call upon all Kenyans residing within and outside the country and all friends and partners of Baseball Kenya to continually support Kenya Baseball Federation so as to keep flying the baseball flag high.