The National Youth Services Baseball club was started by coaches and umpires from the United States and Canada in 2001 under the leadership of coach Susan Magiri, coach Salamba senior and coach Anyaswa (currently of Nazarene university,ongata rongai).
The NYS baseball club is based in Nairobi County and is devoted to improving the standards of baseball in Kenya. The NYS clubs has participated in various competition including local and international tournaments. The NYS team has both male and female players and are committed to developing and growing baseball across National Youth Service camps in Kenya. The team has more than 30 members and associates
The teams’ most memorably game was 2017 Baseball 4 Africa tournament, hosted by Leanna School –Nairobi County. The team won four matches straight to lift the cup. The team manager is Susan Magiri, the coaches are Gedion Chelimo and Goeffrey Asila, while Caleb Kibet is the consulting coach and umpire.


The Zeus baseball club was started in the fall of 2017. It is a competitive baseball club based in the coastal of Kenya (mombasa).The Zeus are committed to growing youth baseball in Kenya and help them improve their skills and participate in international competition. This is a club that is true to proffessional development. We have a top tier training program at Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) that holds true to commitment of players. It consist of more than 18 players. For the past 2 years the club has been very competitive with players cooperation. The Zeus are headed by Mr. Mwanzia as club manager since 2017, Kelvin murunga is the coach and Young Samwel is the captain of Zeus.


The Alice in Africa Baseball Club was founded in 2010 in the town of Elburgon, Molo Sub-County, Nakuru County. It is a program of service to youth. Our goal is to provide children of all ages with an enjoyable baseball experience, which includes learning the basic skills of baseball, teaching and instructing youth in the rules of baseball, promoting teamwork, and developing skills necessary to play youth baseball safely. The organization aims to instil the values of sportsmanship, discipline and competition in youth and to provide lifelong habits of accountability, responsibility, exercise, and health in youth.

The primary objective of the Alice in Africa Baseball Program is to promote the growth of baseball at all levels of competition for the Elburgon community and in Kenya as a whole. The Club seeks to develop the best managers, coaches, umpires, and other adult leaders to ensure that our children have an enjoyable learning and playing experience.
The development of sportsmanship, teamwork, honesty, courage, respect for authority, and physical fitness are the organization’s priorities. In order to accomplish these objectives, we seek to attain the following objectives:

  • To govern the league in a manner that puts the development of our players, as both athletes and persons, above other considerations.
  • To provide our players with volunteer coaches who work with players of all ability levels and who remember that development of exceptional athletic skills and winning games is secondary to the development of players and to providing our players with positive examples and a positive baseball experience.
  • To provide our players with volunteer coaches who seek to teach those players the rules of the game along with proper baseball fundamentals.
  • To provide high-quality facilities and equipment for the use of our players.

The Club is Coached and Managed by Morris Thuku an MLB trained Coach affiliated with the Baseball Federation of Kenya. The Club Captain and Assistant Coach is Silvester Mwangi who is also a pitcher for the Kenya National Team.

South Rockies baseball club was started in 2/8/2019. It is a Baseball club based in South Rift Valley of Kenya in Bomet County. The South Rockies Baseball team are a group of youths and juniors greatly interested in playing baseball.
We are a family aiming for greater achievements in Baseball and Baseball5. We have experienced trainers in the group with skills, knowledge and exposure in professional baseball and Baseball5. We have a group of young, talented and enthusiastic juniors group, with close support in their career of professional sporting they will reach greater heights and map their positions in the growth of Baseball/Baseball5.
We have top training program at Shamira grounds where players and coaches meet to train and play. The club consist of 22 players, among whom 15 of them are Under 15 yrs of age.
The club is headed by Mitei Denis and Eli Kiprono as the manager and coach respectively and Emmanuel Kiptoo as the captain.

In March, 2010, Missionary Thomas Wilson aka “Tom”, of Chicago in the USA, through Hands on Africa Mission, held a one week workshop on the basic skills of Baseball for Primary School heads, games teachers and community members from each of the eight (8) hitherto selected primary schools in Suna East Sub-County, Migori County.
Authority had earlier been sought from and granted by the Ministry of Education Headquarters to allow Hands on Africa Mission to introduce and operationalize Baseball and Softball in the initial eight (8) primary schools within the Mission’s area of jurisdiction in Migori.
Their main goal was to expose the children and the community at large, to the excitement and pleasure of playing base and softball as they get evangelized.
Each school had U 12 and U 15 girls’ and boys’ teams which were fully equipped. The schools met and played baseball for pleasure in the two fields, which had backstops constructed for the game. At the end of the games season, they would all meet to get the winning teams in each category. The winners would be awarded medals, courtesy of Hands on Africa Mission Director, Dr. Andrea Delport.
In March, 2014, Migori teams formed a Sub-County U15 team which hosted Meru and Nairobi Giants teams for a very successful three (3) day tournament.
In 2015 when our pioneer players joined secondary schools, St. Bernard’s Warisia Mixed Sec. and Wasio Mixed Secondary started the game and they had U17 boys and girls teams each. Another two primary schools were also enrolled.
In 2016, Migori All Stars Club was founded by beneficiaries of Hands on Africa Mission to raise baseball to the next level by nurturing, promoting and opening the youth talents to the outside world. The club formed U 12, U15, U17 and senior teams.
The club also promotes unity and understanding amongst the Youth by bringing them together to compete with other teams in Kenya.
The club’s intention is to produce high quality managers, coaches, umpires, scorekeepers and community leaders to maximize the production of talents and skills in our children as they enjoy and appreciate the game.

This is achieved by the management’s involvement in:
a) Giving clinics to the school trainers / coaches in rules of the game and training dynamics.
b) Organizing interschool’s’ league and annual finals where all players are appreciated.
c) Monitoring the training sessions at various fields.
d) Providing All Stars Team with volunteer coaches / trainers.
e) Give continuous exposure to the best talents in the game.

The organization’s Technical Bench has Peter Ndega, a MLB trained Coach, Jacinta Ouma and David Waore both WBSC trained Scorers all affiliated with Baseball Federation of Kenya.The management has Benedict Onam as the Resource Mobilizer, Jacinta Ouma as the Chair, David Waore as Secretary, Isaac Opiyo as the Vice Chair, Pamela Odhiambo the Asst. Secretary and Martin Ngao as the Organizing Secretary.