We, Jacinta A. Ouma and David M. Waore, being BFK Scorers Technical Commission wish to acknowledge the following Baseball/Softball senior personalities for introducing and inducting us into this vital game:
1. Mr. Thomas Wilson of Chicago, Illonois, US for introducing us to the basic dynamics of the game in 2010.
2. Ms. Lessly cook of the South Africa Scoring Commission, who in December 2014 gave the first formal scoring Workshop in Meru, Kenya. This workshop preceded the 18U World Cup Qualifiers which featured Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa Teams.
3. Ms. Anne Maria Paini, WBSC Scoring Commission Chair who exposed us to more insight to the scoring of Baseball at the Lenana School, Nairobi in April 2019. This clinic was also preceded by 2019 Pre-Qualifiers of the Olympic Baseball Games, Africa.
4. Mr. Adrea from WBSC based in Italy who in May 2020 gave us both one on one skills and online clinics in well-choreographed presentations and last but not least, our gratitudes go to the BFK office under the very able captainship of Brother Titus Mutwiri who has enabled us to enjoy WBSC invaluable services.

Scoring is the statistical story of a baseball game. Therefore, score keeping and statistics are the major pillars of baseball since they help the players, managers and teams to evaluate and compare performance. They also help to predict tendencies which help in forming team strategies, scoring and statistics also form a large part of fan-experience which makes Baseball a unique sport.
Hence a scorer’s main task is to accurately and objectively interpret and transcribe the games’ results on the field. According to rule 9.01 (c) of the Official Baseball Rules (OBR), “a Scorekeeper is an official representative of the WBSC- Baseball Division. He/she is entitled to the respect the dignity of his/her office. He/she should be accorded full protection by the WBSC-Baseball Division and shall report to WBSC-Baseball Division Tournament Director of WBSC Division Headquarters, any indignity expressed by any manager, player, team employee or team officer in the course of or as a result of the discharge of official scorer duties.

Interest in scoring baseball game was developed in both Jacinta and David way back in 2010 when Thomas Wilson (Tom) introduced the game in Migori County but he was the only one who could record the scores during games. The basic dynamics of the game were still very raw to us then.
In March 2012, Migori hosted Nairobi Giants and Meru Baseball teams for a three day 15U and 17U teams tournament. Jacinta and David participated as Tournament Scorers at this level very successfully with trophies being awarded to winning teams.
In December 2014, Jacinta and David alongside other scorers from Uganda and Tanzania, attended the first formal Baseball Scoring Workshop facilitated by Ms. Lessly Cook from the South Africa Baseball Scoring Commission. It went for one week and at the end, Level 1 Scoring Accreditation Certificates were awarded to both Jacinta and David.
The workshop preceded Africa 18U World Cup Qualifiers which was hosted by Kenya at Meru University Grounds where Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa participated. Jacinta and David participated as scorers under the supervision of Lessly Cook at this international tournament. Both were further engaged by Lessly Cook on an online tests in scoring for the rest of 2015.

In August 2016 the two participated in selecting the Kenya Baseball team to the major League Baseball (MLB) Try outs in Gayaza Field, Kampala City, Uganda.
In March 2018, Jacinta participated as the only Baseball Scorer at the Kenya Universities Sports Association Games held at Maseno University.

In April 2019, David and Jacinta, alongside other Kenyan Trainee Scorers. Attended a two-day Scoring Clinic based on WBSC Scorers Manual. The Clinic was facilitated by Anne Maria Paini, WBSC Scoring Commission Chair. She couldn’t give out certificates since the clinic was not long enough to validate issuance of certificates.
This clinic also preceded the Olympic Baseball Games Africa Pre-qualifiers, 2019. David and Jacinta participated as Scoring Officials under the supervision of Anne Maria Paini, the chair to WBSC Scoring Commission.
Despite the Covid 19 pandemic of 2019 – 2020, the scorers have continued to sharpen their skills through online clinics, courtesy of the WBSC, Scoring Commission, i.e. in May 2020, an online workshop for scorers was organized by WBSC and was for ably facilitated by Andrea and moderated by Anne Maria Paini, David and Jacinta actively participated.
In order to keep up with the new sporting inventions, the Kenya Scorers have not been left behind. They have continuously participated in online clinics which include the recently introduced Baseball5 Game where scorers are termed Table Officials.
We therefore look forward to take scoring to higher levels to promote the growth of the game both nationally and internally.
Kind regards
Jecinta Ouma and David Waore

Scorers, BFK